Driving Social Good
From Within

By fostering a culture of social responsibility within our workplace, TAL seeks to driving positive social change that starts at home.


At TAL, we believe that creating workplace conditions that respect the rights of our employees is fundamental to our collective success. We are dedicated to providing a safe and equitable working environment that allows our employees to perform their duties with dignity, earn a living to support their families, and advance their careers with proper training and support. We invest in building up a social sustainability management system that enables us to drive, monitor and continuously improve our performance in this area. We monitor our system’s operations and key performance indicators (KPIs) through a combination of factory self-assessments and internal audits conducted at the corporate level.

We have established standard operating procedures (SOPs) and measurements in our daily operations such as

Safe Workplace

A safe workplace is a basic worker’s right. Our corporate and factory teams work together to create a work culture that promotes health and safety within our factories and communities. We’ve established a comprehensive H&S management and monitoring system across our factories to minimize accidents and identify root causes if they do occur.

Rights at Work

Rights at work encompass fair wages, safe working conditions, freedom from discrimination, and access to benefits, ensuring employees are treated with dignity, respect, and equality in the workplace. TAL actively educates workers on their fundamental rights and has established management systems to protect these rights.


TAL engages with our workforce through well-being surveys, worker voice programs, and partnerships with local NGOs to ensure that their voices are heard and acknowledged.

Internal & External Assessment

TAL undergoes multiple types of assessments on an annual basis. Our local factory teams conduct their own internal assessments, while the corporate teams benchmark factories against internal and external standards. Finally, our factories undergo third-party assessments conducted by our customers according to international standards.


TAL takes pride in being an active and responsible member of our community. We encourage our employees to volunteer with local organizations, take part in community programs, and support initiatives that align with our company’s values and priorities. TAL’s participation also gives us a valuable opportunity to make a positive impact in our home communities, and work collaboratively with local stakeholders to achieve shared goals.


As a proud member of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) and one of the founding members of the Social Labor Convergence Program (SLCP), we have adopted the SLCP CAF which we complete through Higg Platform under the name Higg FSLM.

The SLCP is a multi-stakeholder initiative that has developed and implemented a Converged Assessment Framework (CAF) to measure working conditions in facilities and provide high quality, credible and actionable social and labor data. For more information, visit

Higg is one of the accredited hosts for CAF data and offers a scoring and benchmarking through the Higg FSLM.

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