Business Attire Reimagined

Refined personal style for business and special occasions. Truly premium clothing that stands out in any crowd.


Our dress shirts in various colors and patterns styled with different collar types are coveted by today’s most discerning consumers. Our elevated causal dip shirts with button-down collars and wrinkle-free finishes are ready to multi-task with style between home, office, evenings out and even those long-awaited vacations.



Featuring breezy soft fabrics that caress your skin, our blouses are made from cotton, cotton-stretch and linen with premium handfeel and comfort. Inno3DBlouse garments are made with innovative machinery enabling fancier styles such as ruffles and shirring on our garments.



Performance chinos are the new staple. Pants that look crisp and sharp even after a long commute or hours behind a desk.



The versatile 5-pocket pants shine brightest at formal or smart business events. Our pants offer a better fit, easy movement, and all-day freshness with stretchability, odor-free fabric, and a soft handfeel.


TAL developed a novel, cost-effective solution which led to the PuckerFree technology and manufacturing process in 1993. TAL’s wrinkle-free business shirts soon became one of the most-sought after items in the market. In 1998, the first 100% Cotton Wrinkle-free Shirt invented – SofTAL, revolutionized the entire industry and continues to set the benchmark for quality.



Committed to environmental responsibility, we utilize EcoWash to minimize water usage at every step. Our Cascading System wash process reduces water consumption by 85%. As bluesign® system partners, we meet stringent regulatory criteria and eliminate hazardous substances from our products. To advance sustainability, we develop garments using natural and sustainable fibres such as organic or recycled cotton, linen, hemp, and Tencel.


Easy Care
The best wrinkle-free shirts

Fresh, smooth garments straight from the washer and dryer – without ironing. 

SofTAL resists pilling, shrinkage and color fading. Combined with PuckerFree technology, SofTAL has been making the best wrinkle-free dress shirts in the market since their debut more than 20 years ago. 

SofTAL™ Lux
Wrinkle-free shirts with premium luxury softness

All the benefits of SofTAL with a softer luxurious handfeel and greater comfort. 

Wrinkle-free shirts with undetectable formaldehyde* and improved strength

SofTAL AG garments have the same benefits as SofTAL. 

This innovation enhances the garment’s physical strength for greater durability.   

The undetectable levels of formaldehyde exceeds the most stringent industry standards. 

* Levels below 16ppm as per Oekotex and AAFA RSL standards 

Eliminates all unsightly puckering for flatter, smoother shirt seams

PuckerFree technology keeps garments looking fresh and smooth all day long with no puckering on the seams.  

Combine PuckerFree and SofTAL to offer the best wrinkle-free shirts in the market today. 

PuckerFree Soft
Anti-puckering with added softness for a more casual look

Nothing spoils a shirt like unsightly puckering along the seams. Thanks to PuckerFree Soft – another patented TAL solution that makes seams sit flatter and smoother – puckering is now a thing of the past. What’s more, PuckerFree Soft is both soft to the touch and easy on the environment. 

SofTAL™ 4Stretch
Multi-direction stretch for a better fit

SofTAL4Stretch packs the advantages of SofTAL with added 4-directional stretch. The special fabric shapes and molds to the wearer’s figure. A snugger fabric makes garments appear better fitted and allows for easier movement without that constricting feeling. 

SofTAL™ AllSeason
Comfort For All Seasons

Garments made from COOLMAX® ALL SEASON fabric with SofTAL Technology transport moisture away from the body to keep the wearer cool and dry on hot days. A special fibre structure provides insulation on colder days. 

SofTAL™ Flannel
Re-engineered flannel shirts for machine washable easy care

SofTAL Flannel is a revolutionary soft and smooth garment that overcomes the pilling and shrinkage problems of traditional flannel. 

Machine-washable, tumble-dryable and iron-free SofTAL Flannel retains its shape, color and soft handfeel even after 20 washes. 

SofTAL™ Linen
Effortlessly crisp soft easy care linen shirts

SofTAL Linen combines easy care technology with the beauty of natural linen for enhanced wrinkle recovery and extra soft handfeel. 

Made from premium European flax fibre, the luxurious SofTAL Linen breathes better than natural linen, maintaining a smooth and fresh appearance throughout the day. 

SofTAL™ Linen Plus
Fresher, smoother premium luxury line

With a rating of SA 3.5 and made from non-iron material, the enhanced breathability and softer handfeel of SofTAL Linen Plus yields even smoother, flatter results over regular linen garments. 

SofTAL™ Peach
Garments that feel soft as a peach

With the same great benefits of SofTAL, SofTAL Peach is made of 100% natural fibre for an exceptionally soft, fresh and smooth premium luxury linen handfeel. 

Moisture Management
Keeping naturally cool by absorbing moisture quickly

NaturalCool™provides cooling comfort by rapidly absorbing perspiration from the skin and dispersing it for quicker evaporation. This means a garment that feels cool and breathes better because it transfers moisture away from the skin. Lab tests have shown that NaturalCool™ garments dry much faster than untreated garments. 

Plant Structure
Natural cotton for rapid moisture absorption

Featuring special fabric engineering, Plant Structure uses an innovative breathable weaving method to eradicate moisture for ultimate cooling comfort and soft handfeel. 

Co-developed with The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Plant Structure is by far the coolest technology in the market. 

Protective Functions
Stay fresher longer with an antimicrobial shirt 

Eliminate odors and stay fresh all day with EzFresh antimicrobial technology, a non-toxic, non-irritating fabric that can withstand nonchlorine bleaching and deterioration.

Requiring fewer washes, garments are also more environmentally friendly.

Stain-free and safe. Our water-repellent with no PFAS! 

The garment, equipped with our DWR technology, efficiently repels water-based stains and soil, facilitating easy blotting of spills. It maintains safety and non-toxicity by being PFAS-free, while providing outstanding water repellency.

Shirts that protect skin from sun exposure

EzBlock™ shirts have factor 30+ protection, shielding the wearer from dangerous UV-A and UV-B rays. (UV-A ages the skin. UV-B burns it.) 

Protection endures before and after washing, without affecting the garment’s color or level of comfort.

Wrinkle-free blouses with sophisticated designs

Inno3DBlouse  is the ultimate wrinkle-free garment technology for blouses.  

Our revolutionary technology lets clients create irresistible garments with a tailored fit contoured to a woman’s shape. 

Inno3DBlouse  also supports detailed styling options, including ruffles, darts, pleats, lantern/puff sleeves and shirring. 

Recycled garments that advance sustainability

InnoGreen™ is a hallmark of the company’s leadership role in sustainability in the textile industry. Significant resources have been dedicated to convert fabric remnants into recycled yarn and re-spinning it into a multi-purpose yarn to produce new garments. This process helps reduce the amount of waste that ends up in local landfills.

3D embossed designs on wrinkle-free garments

Personalize cuffs, collars and plackets with a high quality, visually stunning finishing option. 

An alternative to labels and embroidery, InnoPress embossing is an effective option for monogramming, trimming and accessorizing subtle company logos and other insignia. 

Wrinkle-free shirts with cost-effective digital printing

Compatible with SofTAL™ shirts, unrivalled InnoPrint™ technology prints detailed, complicated patterns with no color limitations. 

InnoPrint™ offers significantly lower unit costs than low volume rotary printing for print runs under 1,500 meters. You also benefit from shorter lead times and it works with non-wrinkle dipping processes. 



Vinh Phuc Province, Vietnam

Year Established: 2014

Product: Shirts, Pants


Samut Sakorn, Thailand

Year Established: 1967

Products: Blouses, Shirts


Hawassa, Ethiopia

Year Established: 2017

Products: Shirts

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