Reducing Our Environmental
Footprint Over Time

Our product and material sustainability strategy starts with sourcing sustainable materials for our customer’s products, and carries over to the quality and durability of the finished garments.


TAL offers sustainable fibre options for our customers and their products. We follow the Textile Exchange’s Preferred Fibre Material Matrix when sourcing sustainable fibre materials and actively build supply chains to deliver such fibres. A choice of content claim certifications are available, including GOTS, OCS, GRS, and RCS.

Our material sustainability efforts also follow the circular economy principles of keeping materials in use, using less resources, and eliminating hazardous substances. We work closely with our key suppliers on bluesign® certification to achieve these key outcomes.



InnoGreen is one of our most exciting initiatives. It takes us closer to our circular economy ambitions by turning cutting room cotton scraps into new garments. The development of recycled cotton products provides a viable closed loop option for eco-conscious brands, retailers and consumers.

SofTAL™ and SofTAL™ AG

SofTAL and SofTAL AG garments provide unique and valuable features that cater to different needs and preferences.

The SofTAL Shirt has been a game-changing product for the industry for over two decades, and it remains a benchmark for top-quality standards in wrinkle-free shirts today. Thanks to its advanced technology, the SofTAL Shirt resists pilling, shrinkage, and color fading for a ready-to-wear look straight out of the machine.

SofTAL AG garments are designed to retain their physical strength for longer, making them more durable and resistant to wear and tear in high-stress areas. SofTAL AG garments exceed the strictest industry standards for undetectable formaldehyde levels, ensuring their safe and eco-friendly use.