Thinking Beyond Tomorrow

Keenly aware of how our business activities today can have an enormous impact on the world tomorrow, TAL Apparel is wholeheartedly committed to sustainability in everything we do. We continuously strive to minimize our footprint on the environment while positively contributing to the people and communities we serve. 


To lead change in how the world
sustainably clothes itself


A Better Tomorrow
Starts Today 

Our sustainability approach is simple: do better today than we did yesterday for an even better tomorrow. TAL Apparel recognizes the importance of ethical practices, human rights, workplace safety, and environmental resilience in sustaining the industry’s continuing success and development. These values are deeply ingrained in the company’s core beliefs and are reflected in the TAL Apparel Sustainable Business Practices Policy (SBP). This policy guides all affiliates of the company to create a positive work environment for employees and contribute to the betterment of society.

Driving Excellence in Sustainability 

Our three-pronged sustainability strategy is designed to:

  • integrate environmentally responsible practices, social equity, and economic viability;
  • reduce resource consumption, minimizing waste, and promote a circular economy;
  • engage stakeholders to continuously improve and collaborate for a greener, more equitable future for all.


TAL’s SBP Policy is a set of guiding principles that drives our management system across environmental, social and governance criteria. Our SBP is rooted in and supports our five core values.

  • Honesty & Integrity
  • Long-term Partnerships
  • Passionate Innovators
  • Fulfilling Careers
  • Balance of People, Planet & Profit