Kathy Tran
To top it all, if you want to learn something new everyday and show what you're capable of, there is no shortage of opportunities. At TAL APPAREL, I am proud of my choice and extremally grateful of being offered this amazing opportunities.
Ban Nguyen
Of course, there are language barriers too - but TAL does a fantastic job of making sure its leaders are equipped to navigate these challenges successfully, respecting and celebrating the differences, encouraging collaboration and friendships.
Josh Trinh
Working as a lean executive at TAL has provided me with valuable experience, allowing me how to use a scientific approach to problem solving and put theoretical knowledge of process design into reality.
Tracy Hoang
For me working at TAL is not just a job! It is a mutually beneficial relationship standing erect on the foundation of integrity, opportunity, growth and trust.
Kandy Do
I love the concept "growth together" at TAL where individuals are encouraged to step out of the comfort zones & embrace the growth mindset.
Arlene Nguyen
At TAL, we see "sustainability" is not a buzzword, it's a real commitment from leadership.