Unrivalled Supply Chain Expertise

TAL Apparel's replenishment solutions include Replenishment Models & Processes, Supply Chain Analytics and Project Implementation.

To create optimal solutions for customers, we first interview and collect data and feedback from customer and analyze customers' inventory performance and input into our centralized database, then set clear benchmarks. This helps us resolve supply chain constraints, optimize inventory, and maximize profits through applying proven methodologies.

Managing inventory flow across the entire supply chain allows us to substantially increase customers' return on investment (ROI). We analyze data to evaluate the situation, plan ahead to ensure there is sufficient production capacity and materials, and balance the risks arising from too much or too little inventory.

4 Levels of Replenishment

Our sophisticated replenishment models are divided into 4 levels, each catering to a different type of customers:

Level 1 QR: materials management

Level 2 CR: materials + production + stock optimization

Level 3 WH VMI: materials management + stock optimization + demand forecasting

Level 4 Store VMI: materials management + stock optimization + demand forecasting + store allocation and fulfillment

Quick Response (Level 1 QR)

To offer overseas customers shorter lead times, we introduced a rapid replenishment model into our workflow and so Quick Response (QR) was born.

This model focuses on reducing lead times, improving capacity and enhancing materials planning. By ensuring everything is ready in advance of customer purchase orders, QR offers the flexibility to turn materials into garments at the last minute, allowing customers to swiftly respond to sudden changes in demand.

Continuous Replenishment (Level 2 CR)

Planning future shipments and managing the size of production runs are key to effective continuous replenishment (CR). By matching inventory status with actual sales, CR helps clients achieve more balanced inventory and better align supply with demand.

This has been developed to complement Level 1 QR.

Warehouse VMI (Level 3 WH VMI)

Building on the success of QR and CR, we decided to reinvent customer-planning functions within our corporate facility in Hong Kong. To streamline and enhance operations, we introduced additional elements such as analytics, optimization, production synchronization and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) capabilities.

All these became our Warehouse Vendor-Managed Inventory (WH VMI) model. Reaching into the actual warehouse, WH VMI generates demand forecasts and manages inventory. 

By integrating warehouse, production and suppliers into one, it provides clients with seamless, hassle-free solutions that support fulfillment in warehouses while maximizing inventory efficiency.

This has been developed to complement Level 2 CR.

Store VMI (Level 4 Store VMI)

Store-Level Vendor-Managed Inventory (Store VMI) was created by TAL Apparel in the 2000s to address the need of our customers to manage their inventory better by forecasting the amount they need in each individual store, every week.

Starting with this bold insight, we began developing our Store VMI model  making us the first and most advanced apparel manufacturer in Asia to manage and service customers right down to store level.

Through managing inventory at every point-of-sale location, Store VMI offers clients true end-to-end supply chain solutions. As the major share of inventory is located at stores, managing the store model and allocation to generate maximum sales and turn store inventory around faster brings significant financial benefits.

Developed to complement Level 3 WH VMI, Store VMI is the most integrated of the 4 solutions.

Which Model Is Right For You?

These 4 models share the same starting point of managing suppliers and material ordering according to the exact needs of customers. 

Fear not with spoilt for choices, as a customer, you need not concern yourself with selecting the right model. We will study your requirements, then tailor our production capabilities to offer the solution that best fits your business.